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Traditional advertising is diminishing due to the increasing cost and need for more innovative and inventive means of reaching prospective customers and translating them into sales. Newspaper and magazine advertising is often too costly for many businesses, especially small and medium-sized businesses. Large billboards are even more expensive and thus these businesses need a way to acquire awareness for their product and/ or brand that is effective and that will leave a lasting impression.

This is where car branding comes in. Car branding is a reasonably cost effective and resourceful way to inform people in the marketplace of your business, whilst also making a statement. Every business has at least one vehicle under its name. Be it a whole fleet of vehicles; just the CEO's car; delivery vehicles; or a sole proprietors car - it is an ideal opportunity for branding.

Here are a few reasons why vehicle branding is a great advertising opportunity:

- As vehicles, in essence, are mobile and always visible in various places - a business is made known and recognised more effectively than with other forms of advertising. Wherever a branded vehicle is seen - from a parking lot to a highway - the reach is considerably larger than a stationary advertising mechanism.

- Having a vehicle branded with your business name and inevitably its image - creates curiosity about your business, as well as brand awareness and brand distinction.

-Vehicle branding is significantly more cost effective, because a mobile ad reaches more people than print ads, as they do not merely appear once in a single publication. Car branding can also be seen as an investment, as your advertisement will be seen for as long as the branded vehicle is on the road and not just by a select few that page through a specific magazine.

-Your business branded car becomes a long term asset. Besides serving as your business vehicle, it also serves as a mobile advertisement. Without doing much more than what your business requires your vehicle to do - your business name and image is being seen by a multitude of potential clients.

-Branding a car is a visible exhibition of your business. This shows prospective clients not only who you are, what your business offers, and that you are in the market doing what you do best,but also that your are proud to show the world your brand. This in turn instills a sense of trust in your brand and thus builds and grows your brand's reputation. In other words - your business makes a good impression and makes it clear that your business is well established.

Your choice of exhibition stand design sends a powerful message to potential customers about your business. It is either going to tell them you are a leader and you are someone with plenty of expertise or it is going to tell them what you offer isn't going to be as great as what they could get from one of your competitors.

It is important to have a powerful message that is quite positive when it comes to reaching out to your niche market. If you go to exhibitions and trade shows but you aren't getting great leads from it, you are wasting your time. The right exhibition stand design may be what it takes to entice people to come take a closer look at what you offer.

That can be your hook and then you can start to reel them in. Of course you must have terrific products or services to make the sale. Yet impression speaks volumes to potential customers. You only have a few seconds to capture their attention or they are going to just keep on moving right along.


In order to get their attention, you need a creative exhibition stand design. You can't settle for something that is boring and predicable. Instead, it needs to be colourful, it needs to be customised for your type of business, and it needs to be part of your overall business branding commitment. Trying new concepts and ideas is a great way to show them something refreshing.

3-D can help you to add depth and concepts to your exhibition stand design. This can really bring the design to life. It is a wonderful way to help get your message across to your potential customers. Don't underestimate the way in which visualisation promotes interest in products or services.

Cost Effective

Quality is very important when it comes to your exhibition stand design. Don't work with a company lacking in skills, creativity, or the right equipment to make this happen. You don't have to spend a ton of money to get results that look great. You want to be proud of what you put out there for all to see. After all, it is an extension of your business and what it offers.

Part of the overall value should be the set up and the take down. It shouldn't be difficult or time consuming to complete those parts of the process. The exhibition stand design also needs to be durable so it can still look great even if you have travelled around with it and put it on display several times.

Solution Driven

Find yourself a provider who is able to make a difference for your business. They should talk to you and come up with a complete strategy and design that can help you to achieve your goals. Perhaps you have a new product or service you really want to promote at these types of events. They can help you to bring it to life. With them by your side, you can see results.

You will get interested parties stopping by to talk to you. Give them a business card, a catalogue, and many other items you may have readily available. The goal is to entice them to go home and then reach out to your company to make a purchase. If you can get them to notice your display, you can then engage with them about the topic and answer questions they may have.

Investing time and money to get a great product you can count on and helps you to reach your target audience is going to be exciting. This is a grand opportunity for you to market your business in new ways and take it in new directions.

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Today's healthcare industry is full of fierce competition and customers who are demanding increased quality in services and products. Healthcare companies today need to realize that the increase in technology and medical advancements is lowering the price of quality services to customers and increasing the competition among health fields. Changing, adapting, and focusing on what the customer wants as well as what the customer needs is a delicate but necessary dance. Getting branding right is one of the most crucial aspects of staying competitive during these times. Here are some important questions and answers you need to know right now regarding health care branding.

1. What can be done about a loss of market share?

By the time you see a loss in market share, the damage has been done. What damage? Loss in market share usually means that customers are perceiving the health brand as synonymous with either higher costs, lower quality, or both. It is important to recognize these trends and fix them before they begin to affect the bottom line.

2. What does inconsistency in performance indicators mean?

This is likely a sign that your data collection and analyses are not being conducted properly. This could be an issue with your in-house data collection and strategy team, or it could be a sign that your marketing plan is not focused and is producing an abundance of statistical outliers. A quality third party marketing team will be able to properly use data and strategize accordingly and will have better expertise than businesses whose main priorities are focused elsewhere.

3. Who can I avoid a drop in value of my products and services?

The first and most important step is to safe guard your brand. The brand is the most valuable asset and represents the impression and contract between the business and customers. Strong recognition and powerful branding allow the mission of the company to shine through. Make sure to communicate with customers through a confluence of branding and strategic marketing campaigns to avoid sudden and sometimes irreversible drops in the value of your brand, and by extension, products and services.

4. Can I avoid a loss of profits?

There are some market controlled trends that simply relate to market fluctuations. However, resilience is built upon solid long term branding and careful analyses of data. By hiring professional campaign managers to run your marketing plans, you can spend more time growing the business and running the overall operations while they build and maintain a strong and profitable brand.

5. Is it worth hiring 3rd party advertising?

This is a decision that needs to be made carefully and deliberately. However, most business managers and owners can agree that advertising agencies that are specialized and knowledgeable can offer up unique perspectives and strategies that can lead to long term competitiveness, stability, and long term growth.

Advertising can be the key difference between success and failure. Make sure you change course if you notice any signs that your brand image is in danger.

When investing your marketing dollars in custom branded promotional products, you want to ensure that you are getting your best return on investment. You want to look for products that serve more than one purpose and provide continued brand exposure.

1. Choose products that provide your company with good visibility.

The more your products are seen, the more promotional benefit your company receives. The best promotional products are prominently placed on everyday items, such as screen cleaners attached to mobile devices.

2. Give away products that will be used every day.

How many times have you received a piece of schwag that you threw in a drawer or even the trash? For your promotional products to be effective, you need to choose items that people will use over and over again. Products that are used often and in public places will gain your brand the most exposure for your investment.

A great example would be screen cleaner stickers for phones and tablets, that are custom branded with your logo but people can use to clean their electronic devices. Another example are portable USB chargers, that have your logo on them but people can use in an emergency to charge their devices. These are useful products that people will carry with them, hence, increasing the amount of times your logo gets flashed around.

3. Reflect your business's reputation with high quality products.

We've all received a branded pen or notepad that fell apart in our bag before we even left the exhibit hall. Handing out cheap promotional products gives the impression that your company is just as cheap. Make sure that the freebies you give away are representative of the high quality of the products and services you provide in your business.

The best way to test a product before you decide to pull the trigger and make an order for your event would be to get samples. Reputable promo product companies will provide free samples and stand behind their production. It should be crystal clear once you compare samples whether the promo product will be a hit or a miss.

4. Think versatility.

Choose promotional products that are versatile enough to fit every occasion you need. Whether you need giveaways for a trade show, gifts for your employees, or tokens of appreciation for customers who visit your office, having an appropriate product available for all occasions is key to getting the best results for your marketing dollars.

As a business owner, you're always looking for new ways to get your name and your brand out there. Promoting your brand is important, and there are many choices you have when looking at promotional products. You can put your company logo on the various promotional products, and your customers or potential customers will essentially be "stuck" to your brand. People will love receiving a product that helps them by providing value and keeping your brand relevant and fresh. Here are four great ways you can use custom promotional products to promote your business.

New Customers

Establishing your brand with a new customer is vital. They haven't completely made up their minds about your business, and you probably have many competitors out there vying for their attention. Good promo giveaways are promotional products that will stand out in their minds as different and unique. They're also very useful when done right. Because of the useful nature of many promo products, people can attach their brand directly to the back of their cell phones or tablets, on their person, or at their desk, so your company name will always be right there in front of them.

Repeat Customers

You probably have customers or clients who have been doing business with your company for years. Why not thank them for their loyalty with a unique gift that will be useful and that they'll also appreciate? Something like screen cleaners or USB chargers fit this description perfectly. You'll show your customers how much you appreciate them being faithful to your business while also encouraging them to remain loyal.


Custom promo products like screen cleaners make great giveaways. They work well as a prominent piece in a gift basket, or they are also great all on their own. Regardless of what type of business you own, you will find there are an endless number of ways you can use or create handouts, whether it's leaving an appreciation gift for a client, or as a show of thanks to the person who always delivers company lunches.


Do you have a big tradeshow coming up? People want to get their hands on the latest and greatest products, and they're always looking for innovative and useful items. You'll prove your exclusivity as people walk away from your display with a unique promo handout that not only bares your company logo but is a small and powerful tool. It's a smart move that will bring you more business.