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Marketing is all about integration. It generates better results when integrated with other marketing channels, than when a single platform is used. SMS and email marketing is an excellent illustration of this idea.

Email marketing has become a specialized niche. Relevant email content strengthens your relationship with your customers. Interestingly, 53% of email messages are opened on mobile devices like tablets and cell phones.

Text messages, on the other hand, have 98% open rate. While there each method provides unique benefits, they share a few things in common that will help you create cohesive and high-performing marketing campaigns.

Listed below are some email campaigns that can greatly benefit when supported by text messaging.

Text-to-Join campaigns

After sending an email, use SMS to remind customers to join or opt-in to your subscription list. Ninety percent of text messages are read within three minutes. A follow-up text message sent at the right time increases the chances of getting a positive response from your subscribers. SMS marketing allows you to segment your list and makes it easier for you to send targeted messages.

Event Invites

Send a text reminder a day or two prior to the event to remind subscribers to attend. They may or may not have forgotten, but in any case, text reminders tell customers that you value their presence and you're eager for them to come. In addition, you can utilize SMS to check on people who haven't redeemed the discount codes you've sent through email. In addition, text messages do not go through spam filters.

Connect with Inactive Subscribers

If you have already sent five emails to a recipient and he hasn't replied or interacted with you in any way, why not send a text message? People can receive numerous emails in a day, that it's sometimes hard to identify those they really want to read. In this situation, text messaging is an excellent way of getting your prospects' attention.

Use Texting as a Call to Action

Texting is a powerful call to action in many marketing campaigns. For instance, at the end of your email, inform customers that they can get additional discount if they text a certain code. Since most people always carry a cell phone, they can take action immediately. This also allows you to collect the phone numbers of prospective customers for future campaigns.

Include Links in Both

By integrating your SMS and Email marketing campaigns, you enhance your business image, introduce better branding objectives, and get prospects to visit your websites.

Have you tried complimenting you Email Marketing with SMS? If not, try it now and learn how text messaging can help your business grow.

Nicole Smith is an Executive consultant and practice leader in the Multi-Channel Customer Engagement area with 20 years of experience in his field. Experience working with clients in numerous industries, including telecommunications, financial services, local government, high technology, and entertainment. She Recognized thought leader with a large body of published work. She have significant experience in presenting at industry conferences, workshops and seminars. She has led the design, development and delivery of multi-dimensional cross-functional solutions to clients, bringing together Strategy, Business Process Design, Organizational Design, Change Management, Hardware, Software, IT & Infrastructure Outsourcing and Business Process Outsourcing.

Signs, particularly digital signs, have become increasingly popular in last ten years. They have become so common that we use and see them everywhere. Digital signage offers a very creative and inexpensive way of advertising, promoting and marketing content. Businesses keep looking for advertising tactics that are effective and cheap. Digital display of signs or LCD-based signs is the future of signage industry.

Digital signage has dominated a wide range of market segments. For instance, static and lifeless menu boards have been replaced with moving signs that offer plenty of interactive features.

The scope and emergence of digital signage

Some marketing experts predict that digital signs will soon reach to every civilized corner of the world. It has already been used widely for indoor, outdoor, commercial, non-commercial, and domestic purposes. In addition to this, these modern signs have very secure future as they are not going to be unimportant or irrelevant in coming years.

It is true that nothing is static in the world of marketing and display. Trends keep changing. However, so far as digital signage is concerned, the LCD-based display will only change to form new forms of display. There is plenty of research going on the predicted future of electronic display of different things.

The foundation of the digital industry is mainly the global advertising industry which is getting larger and larger with every passing day. According to a study, in United States people spent more than 144 billion dollars on digital representation in 2005, and the whole world spent more than 300 billion dollars on digital signage.

Despite big spending on this emerging medium of advertising, the digital industry is still small as compared to TV networks. Big brands spend trillions of dollars on TV advertising every year. Mostly, small to medium size businesses focus more on inexpensive advertising means such as digital signs.

If we observe, signs are everywhere from small shops and roads to mega malls and highways. Digital signs can easily be seen at:

  • Retails stores and mega markets
  • Trade shows and festivals
  • Bus stations, airports, and vehicles
  • Elevators, lobbies, food corners
  • Commercial and non-commercial premises
  • Parks, stadiums, casinos and sports centers
  • Hospitals, banks, and other public places
  • Industrial areas, streets, and institutes

It becomes very easy for an audience to locate their destination by following signs. We can travel thousands of miles away to our destinations by just following road signs. Digital signage has been emerging as a very useful and attractive advertising medium.

Whether you're planning your first trade show exhibition or happen to be a bit more experienced in this arena, they are countless things that you can do to optimise the benefits of this opportunity. With proper planning and the right tools, you can build your brand, answer key questions about your services or products and make conversions. The following tips will show you how.

To start with, be mindful of the fact that first impressions are what matter most in these environments. If your presentation materials are not eye-catching, your business will invariably get lost in the sea of competition that's present. Thus, if you haven't spent good money on display cases and signage, now is the time to start budgeting.

Make sure that your set-up process is a seamless one. You certainly don't want to be fumbling around at the last minute with stands and signs that lack stability. Check with your signage manufacturer to see whether or not there are appropriate mounting tools and stands for each of the elements that you wish to include.

Go vertical with your displays. A lot of company owners are led astray by the massive amounts of wide open space that these events are hosted in. Rather than attempting to merely spread out when setting up, think about building upwards. The higher your signage and other marketing materials are placed, the more chance you have of attracting attention from across the room.

Offer your guests something for free. This is the best time to pay for promotional items. Even something small like a button or pen can provide impressive returns. Not only will this increase brand awareness among the people that you pass your promo products out to, but it can also lead to increased exposure, everywhere these objects are taken.

Select colours that stand out and that incite the right emotions about your brand. This is a trick that's been borrowed from countless logo design professionals throughout the world. Different hues can engender different emotions. By choosing tones that engender feelings of relaxation and trust, you can create a warm, welcoming space that people are drawn to.

Whether presenting alone or with a number of your team members in toe, make sure that everyone is dressed appropriately. When possible, don team uniforms of customised apparel that conveys key branding information. Use every opportunity to get your name, logo and contact information in front of consumers.

Another important thing to do is to load up on informational resources that people can actually take with them. For instance, this is the time to print calendars, brochures and pamphlets. Even if people are not proactive about reading these things, having them on hand will still keep your company fresh in their minds. Make sure that all of your printed, informational materials have contact information and office hours as well as any other relevant details.

Be mindful of any rules that govern your display. Nothing is worse than spending a wealth of money on display tools, only to discover at the last minute that these are not appropriate for the venue. Find out how high you're allowed to post your materials, especially if you've invested in an exhibition banner or other signs that are designed to be posted in an elevated position.

Santa Claus is on his way, we all love the warmth of the celebration, house parties, and exchanging gifts with the friends and family. The Christmas is on its way and before the moment hits the horologe, it is better to shop all the gifts for the loved ones. There are many retailers who offer exciting deals on the gifts but there are maximum chances of the hidden costs of such deals. It is always recommended to purchase the branded products which have various benefits and are useful for the receivers. From the numerous range of gifts which are attractive, but buying such gifts is a complete waste of time and money, if they don't have any of the below-mentioned qualities.

Unique Design: Joining the crowd is old school now; gift something which stands you apart from the crowd. Buy a gift that has a unique design because buying such fun gifts can unleash the creative and stylish side of yours.

Affordable: Some of the brands offer a huge range of products at the affordable prices. These brands primarily focus on the quality of the product and not on the price. You have many options to choose the variety of the items for your colleagues.

No Gender Or Age Restriction: Branded gifts are for everyone. From the huge range of the items focus on such items which are free from any restriction of age and gender. These items let you face the need of emergencies and make the exchange of the gifts an easy option.

Exciting And Interesting: The range of the products offers you a customization option for which you can also customize the items to give them a personalized touch. These are the best choice for your loved ones and you can show some extra love to them.

Support Local Business: Branded Gifts is a viable option for the businesspersons. They can choose the best which suit their business among the numerous alternatives. It lets you provide opportunities to connect new customers and have benefits of brand promotion for a cheaper medium than the other means of advertisement.

Online Shopping: When it comes to online shopping, people get hesitated due to the quality of the products. However, in the case of branded gifts, the quality of the items is same either you buy offline or place an order online. Shopping the products online can save your time and money while facilitating you home delivery at the time.

We know the value of employees for an organization and to show them some appreciation the corporate gifts are the best solution so far. The corporate gifts speak volume and raise the morale of the employees. Employees are the crucial and precious assets of the company, they work with the dedication throughout the time and this is the time to appreciate them for what they deserve. There are many unique gift ideas that strike your mind when you think about the corporate gifts but choosing them is really challenging. The online platforms are full of the surprises and they have a huge variety of every category to choose from. Browse some unique creations and decide calmly for the novelty gifts. Christmas is on the way and time is slipping like the sand. Before the clock hit the moment, buy the corporate gifts for your employees using these tips and wait to see the magic:-

1. Make It Personal - Apart from the formal organization, the company having the employees which are more personal than the personalized. Gift something that bespoke about the reflection of the company and speaks about the company's value on the personal level.

2. Find Something Related To The Festivity - The gift range which is especially dedicated to the special occasion are preferable than those which are years old and ordinary. Search for the products which have the zest of the festival and it can be used for the time. Find an exclusive range of the products crafted for the season.

3. Stay Away From The Alcohol - Christmas party is incomplete without alcohol but gifting such item is an off side of the corporate sector. It is better to steer away from such items and ditch the idea of giving liquor. It also ruins the company's image and reflects the bad characteristics instead of good ones.

4. Go For The Brands - We all love the brands and this adds an extra star to the image of the company. We know they are little expensive from the ordinary ones but the festive season brings many discounts and exciting offers on various range of the products.

5. Packing Is An Important Part Of The Journey - Once you have chosen the gift for the employees. It is also important to note the quality of type packing of the gifts because a messy packing can ruin the company's reputation and also makes a bad impact on the receiver.